Friday, April 20, 2007

One of those weeks....

It's been a while since I've blogged - it's just been such an incredibly busy week. Ryan had a doctor's appointment on Monday for his 4-6 year old shots. He was such a trooper for everything - he actually doesn't mind going to the doctor. Although, he did scream for about 10 seconds when he got the needle - I don't blame him there!! Then we drove 1/2 hour to Toys'r'us to get Kurtis's birthday presents. One of the sales ladies just made my day (NOT!) by referring to me as Ryan's grandmother. Oh joy! I know I'm really gray, but I thought it was a "chic" gray - not an Oma gray! Seriously, I'm not too upset - I don't think she really got a good look at me and didn't see my wrinkle free skin LOL - and in all fairness, I guess I could be Ryan's grandmother if I had a baby when I was VERY young.
On Tuesday, I spent the morning doing bookkeeping for Tom and the afternoon I was able to go with Kurtis on his class trip. We went to the local theatre to see a play (that was fairly 'artsy' and mostly above the kids' heads). I was excited that I was finally able to make a class trip as all previous ones coincided with recovery from chemos. On Tuesday afternoon, Kurtis and I did MORE baking - we made cupcakes to take to his class in celebration of his birthday. However, unlike the previous baking experiences, this one was just a cake mix and tinned frosting. I have to admit that it tasted better than from scratch! They were YUMMO (can you tell I've been watching Rachel Ray?? I can only take her in very small doses as she's just a bit too much. I switch between her and Ellen). On Tuesday night, we had a Guelph Down syndrome group meeting and were able to meet two new families. Their babies were both very young - 6 months and 5 months - and soooo adorable. Now, I may be prejudiced, but I honestly think babies with Down syndrome are the cutest babies in the world. There is just something about their faces that makes them gorgeous. It was such a treat to meet these babies and their parents and get to chat a bit. How it brings back memories.......
On Wednesday, I had some errands to run and our normal afternoon activity of speech therapy (another 1/2 hour drive). It was also Kurtis's birthday - I can't believe he's 8! I probably say this every year, but this year, 8 really does seem big.... it's only 2 more years until he's 10! The big hit gift was an Air Hog remote control airplane - my goodness, he was thrilled with it. I couldn't have missed buying it though - everytime he saw it on TV, he yelled at me to come see what he wanted for his birthday. It's so cool to see the uncontained excitement and joy in a child - he really was thrilled! The weather was starting to become nice so we spent the evening playing outside at the park with the new toy. FUN FUN FUN! The rest of the week involved more activities for the kids, more bookkeeping for Tom and more errands. I haven't managed to fit in my nap all week - poor me. (For those of you who don't know, I nap EVERY day. I need that nap as I get very tired otherwise). I did survive without my naps, but I was incredibly tired at night by the time the kids got to bed. I even fell asleep with them last night at 8:00.

Well,,, I'm rambling a bit here - guess that's what you get when you blog when you're tired. I'm a bit more tired than usual as Ryan was awake for about 3 hours last night. In my ramblings above, I neglected to mention that Ryan's behaviour was ATROCIOUS this week - disobeying me at every turn, not able to focus at school, whiny, obstinate and just generally frustrating to his mother. I should have known something was physically wrong and yup, last night we discover the poor kid has an ear infection. He never complained but something was probably bothering him over the past few days. And it probably explains the behaviour all this week - he was fighting that infection and was just "off". So, now Ryan is fast asleep - his head hit the pillow and he was out about 10 seconds later. I'm off to watch a movie with my hubby and then I think it's an early night for me. If you've made it this far, thanks for reading this rambling blog entry!


Kei said...

This has been a very busy week for you! Wow.
Happy Birthday Kurtis!!!

Poor Ryan~ I hope the ear infection goes away quickly. I can't imagine him having such attitude!

I hope you & Tom enjoyed your movie~ have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Kurtis! Sounds like you had lots of fun. Making cupcakes and time at the park are always a big hit, aren't they.
Poor Ryan. Hope those antibiotics are kicking in. I always felt so bad --after I realized the reason for their obnoxious behaviour. Why couldn't their ears flash a green and red light and sound a siren or something. It sometimes takes us parents a while to catch on.
(My, my, I do carry on, don't I. You'd think we were related, Annette. :)
Annette, hope you have a restful weekend.... so you can spend more time at the park next week.
Do take care. And thank you for telling of the wonderful antics of your children. (I couldn't bring myself to say 'thanks for "sharing.")
Time for Bed. GOOD Night! :)
Do I dare sign my name??


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a busy and productive week! Glad you were able to enjoy so many things this week. And poor Ryan with those ears. Hope he is feeling bettery really soon!
Have a great week!