Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Kurtis!

Happy birthday my love! You are an amazing kid and we'll always remember your birth day as one of the two most special days in our lives! Love your Mom and Dad

Kurtis got a bit spoiled yesterday - but,, that's what's supposed to happen on your birthday, right? First, we start with breakfast - whatever breakfast he wants... Well, Kurtis's favourite thing is an egg "mcmuffin" (english muffin, egg, cheese and ham or bacon). He loves them at the market, at home... anywhere. Unfortunately, our stove and oven broke last week so I can't cook it for him. But there is one place that makes them! So off Mom and Kurtis go to breakfast at McDonalds. What a treat it was to start a special day off with some special time with my big boy! Then a quick stop at Tim's for some Timbits for the class treat. His requested birthday dinner was pizza (ordered in, NOT homemade) and ice cream cake from DQ. According to Kurtis, this was just about a perfect day - food wise! LOL

We opened presents and then Dad brought in the big present... I wonder who actually enjoys this toy more? I think Tom is a bit jealous - he wishes they made it in an adult version!! Kurtis and Tom have been talking about building a go-cart for 1.5 years now, but when Tom saw this at a scratch'n'dent sale at Canadian Tire, he couldn't pass it up!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Big Guy!! Glad to hear you had a great day. Did you save some ice cream cake for us?? (especially Uncle know how much he loves cake!) Can't wait to check out your new go cart. Looks VERY fun!!
Love Aunt Lisa, Sara, Connor and Uncle Steve

Tara Marie said...

Happy Birthday does sound like your special day was quite wonderful AND delicious....and how cool is that go-cart....I have to show your pal Otto it, he will think that you had the bestest birthday ever!

Thinking of you Annette.....and sending you my love.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Kurtis ... sounds like it was a fun, magical day filled with all the food you like! :)

Allison said...

Just reading this makes me smile, thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Just reading this makes me smile, thanks for sharing