Wednesday, April 12, 2006

No chemo today.. The Repeat

There was no bed available at the hospital... so we come home and wait for a phone call tomorrow. It's a bit frustrating having driven all the way there,,, made arrangements for the kid,, etc etc, but we always knew that there was a risk there'd be no bed available.

My blood counts were good (YEAH!) and we discussed the recommendations from the other doctor. We're adding another drug as recommended but that also means another night in the hospital - 3 nights now - and it may mean more nausea and fatigue. We'll see how this round goes.


Michelle said...

sorry to hear the chemo was cancelled after all. Sending you hugs and lots of prayers!

Julie said...

It is nice that you are here in K-W for treatment...whenever you need anything I will be right there!
And we will find a way to sneak you off the floor for a change of scenery!!!