Monday, April 10, 2006

No chemo today..

They moved it to Wednesday in order to receive the report from the Doctor at Mount Sinai. I feel like I just received two free days! It's silly as all it's done is move it over... and thrown a wrench into Easter plans, but somehow I still feel excited that I've got two "extra" days! I guess it's because I've got more energy over the past few days. just in time for them to knock it out of me again...

My sister came up to visit today.... We dropped Ryan off at a friend's house (a WONDERFUL friend she is!) and then went shopping! I got one great hat and some cool lime green slides. Nothing like some great shoes to cheer a girl up.

Tom and I are taking the kids to Chucky Cheese tonight. We had promised to take them for Ryan's birthday back in February but between March break and chemo and recovery from chemo, we haven't really had the time or the energy. That place is just too much for me... too many people, too much noise, and a lot of work keeping track of the boys... but they LOVE it and that's why we do it.

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Mauzy said...

ooooo you ARE brave! Chucky Cheese! Well I moved my "thinking of you" Monday thoughts now to Wed!